🏡 Top 4 Products for a Dream Home Makeover! 🛠️

Design & Construction Week brings the world’s top kitchen, bath and building brands together to showcase the latest products and technologies, and our trendspotters took to the show floor to bring you 4 products for your dream home makeover!

1. THOR Kitchen 

Things are getting hot and steamy at THOR Kitchen with the introduction of a new 30-inch pro-style induction range and 24-inch combi steam oven. THOR’s new induction range features over 4 and a half cubic feet of cooking space and a sleek, black glass cooktop with four burners that is both powerful and easy to clean. Digital timers, a hot-surface indicator light and digital blue LED displays keep everything looking and running smoothly! Launching soon, THOR’s combi steam oven combines convection cooking with a steam-assist feature which reduces cooking time and locks in moisture- proving once and for all, you really can #COOKLIKEAGOD!

2. Caesarstone

Never have neutrals been so nervy! Caesarstone’s new rich, moody hues in their 2020 color palette include Black TempalOxidianPiatto and Empira Black, all darker colors with a textured matte finish that creates a bold, modern feel for visual impact and enduring drama. 

On the lighter side of things, their recently launched outdoor surfaces, feature three color palettes: Palm Shade, Midday and Clearskies, which range from soft, sandy white to pale grey and bring style to outdoor spaces that is low maintenance, high-durability and of course, beyond beautiful.

3. Panda

Panda’s large format sliding doors have us seeing double! Double the view, that is. With attention to every detail, continuous innovationcutting-edge design this family-owned company offers the largest selection of products by any single manufacturer. From their award-winning oversized doors that create the illusion of floor to ceiling glass available as large as 250 sq. ft, to their opaque pivot doors, which offer the best of both worlds by allowing more natural light, without sacrificing oh-so valuable privacyPanda proves that gorgeous, moveable glass walls are always in style.

4. Interni Cucine

There’s a reason “Made in Italy” on everything from food to clothes to cars serves as a stamp of excellence and it’s no exception in the cabinet world. Likening their products to Italian cooking, Interni Cucine cabinets are made with quality ingredients to produce a sleek and enduringly stylish product. Kitchens, bathrooms, closets, you name it, they can make a cabinet for it. From their integrated handles that offer seamless, clean look to a soft close feature and optional motion sense lighting, if cabinets could be sexy, these are it! Combing Italian quality and style for a look and feel that is guaranteed to stand the test of timeInterni Cucine is, as they say, “molto bene!” 

Stay tuned for even more home and building products trends coming soon!

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