Inside out: Trends from 2016 PCBC emphasize design flexibility

This year, the PCBC show floor was filled with products and materials ready to turn homes “inside out,” providing options for interior luxury to find its way outside as outdoor elements begin to transition into the home.

PCBC, the West Coast’s largest homebuilding trade show, drew 350 exhibitors from across the globe to showcase their newest and most innovative products. Architects, designers, developers and builders attended the three-day annual conference, where our trendspotters scouted the latest trends in the homebuilding industry.

Sanded wooden decks and dug-out fire pits have become a thing of the past. Homeowners, architects and designers have new standards for outdoor luxury living, and they’re looking for items that match or even exceed the quality of sophisticated interior design pieces.

Ortal, known for crafting energy-efficient, luxury gas fireplaces with balanced chimney flues, presented Tunnel Collection, a dual interior-exterior fireplace. For those interested in elevating a backyard fire pit, Eldorado Stone’s Lyra Artisan Fire Bowl features a modern linear concrete design with a gently sloped fire element. The brand also proves modern sensibility extends to plank products, as exhibited by its new Modern Collection with clean lines and neutral color palettes.


Customized luxury blurs lines between outdoor and indoor home products and building materials.

Bearing a strong resemblance to interior flooring, Thermory provides exterior wood products that are treated to be seven times more resilient and durable than natural wood. For outdoor spaces with an indoor feel, Apollo Opening Roof System produces covers that control patio climate. The outdoor covers have adjustable louvers to control sunlight exposure, protect against rain and provide natural ventilation.


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The complementary interplay between indoor and outdoor living has equal benefits for indoor spaces. NanaWall SL60 glass walls maximize natural light in the home and are designed to open inward or outward with swing door capability, creating a customized, seamless indoor-outdoor area. If homeowners want to keep fresh air in and bugs out, Phantom Screens offers compact, retractable screens that fit most doors or windows and roll out of sight when not in use. At PCBC, the brand revealed its newest project: a motorized screen that ascends and descends with the push of a button.


Those looking to incorporate a no-hassle, outdoor feel within the home can add a luxury shower spa such as Pulse Shower Spas Oahu rain-like or cascading waterfall patterns. Its folding teak wooden seat and dual shower head, complete with many features to provide the ultimate shower spa experience, mimic the sensations of a relaxing island vacation.


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