Trendspotting: Part One – Video from KBIS/IBS 2018

Design & Construction Week 2018 brought the world’s top luxury kitchen, bath and building brands together to showcase the latest products, trends and technologies for the new year, and our trendspotters took the show floor to bring you the hottest trends of 2018!


1. Hood Tech – Elica

It’s love at first sight as cooktops and hoods meet to create optimum ventilation and energy efficiency in the kitchen. Who says you can’t have brains and beauty? The NikolaTesla induction cooktop by Elica has a sleek design and seamless touch controls but it’s the dual functionality that set our hearts on fire. The built-in ventilation system senses the cooking level of each burner and automatically adjusts blower speed. Add in sexy Italian design, and Elica has it all!

2. Custom Cabinets – Cabico

Go beyond functional; kitchen cabinets have transformed into works of art. Cabico creates kitchen-envy by melding together wood, glass, and metal to create stunning high-end kitchen environments. Precision technology meets artisanal craftsmanship with fluid, linear designs and varying textures that just might make Picasso jealous.

3. Precision Engineering – Cultured Stone

Manufactured stone veneer embodies the character of natural stone but with consistent edges that Mother Nature just can’t replicate. Precision engineered Sculpted Ashlar by Cultured Stone crafts individual pieces of various shapes and sizes that fit together like they’re meant to be, creating consistent joint lines in three natural stone-inspired shades for au naturel interior and exterior design projects. Like Mother Nature makes them, only better.

4. Smart Food Storage – Perlick

Refrigeration just got “cooler.” Perlick creates a high-tech, commercial-grade refrigerator that fits right in where fresh food and family come together: at home. Ditch the plain Jane white plastic interiors and doors and make way for luxury stainless steel interiors and glass shelves. Touch controls, soft close drawers, and zones that keep food fresher for longer; it’s the smarter way to store food. When it comes to the cool factor, this fridge is HOT!

5. Modern Art Deco – INOX

With a nod to the 1920’s, INOX introduces its heavy-duty Art Deco brass collection. Fine craftsmanship and rich materials transform drab door locks and utilitarian room card readers into custom-crafted, Jazz Age-inspired pieces of art in glamorous Aged Brass, Polished Nickel, and Flat Black premium metal finishes.

6. Stainless Cabinetry – Lasertron

Think stainless steel is just for appliances?  Not anymore!  From brushed stainless, etched, or personalized with artwork, Lasertron is a pioneer of decorative architectural steel cabinets. With hidden hinges to create seamless lines, these cabinets can be installed indoors or out and will be a modern addition to any room.

Stay tuned! Part two of our KBIS/IBS Trendspotting video series is coming soon.

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