3 Ways to Keep Your Brand’s Message Relevant

Keep your brand relevant

3 Ways to Keep Your Messaging Relevant

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It is a common complaint from communications professionals that they feel like they can’t quite keep up with the constant changes and advances in our industry. This anxiety often transcends departments and on the business side, executives and business owners worry they will invest in a messaging strategy that won’t be relevant in a year. Without a doubt, this is a legitimate fear. That is why it is important to implement three key structural changes that will ensure your brand’s messaging strategy evolves with current trends.

1. Integrate communications departments. Gone are the days when social media and public relations were separate animals. These days, social media is an essential element that must be considered in every step of strategic communications planning. Streamline this process by creating a single editorial calendar for public relations and social media which will help align PR efforts and events with social media content strategy. The result is a more holistic and relevant effort.

2. Learn to accept change. The death to relevance is fear of the unknown. It is crucial in communications to keep up with trends and strategies. In the event that you don’t understand something you see, ask your team members. Do not make the mistake of assuming something is wrong because it’s not how you did it in the past. Be willing to accept that sometimes you may not like something, but that it is still important and necessary (we’re talking about you, hashtags!).

3. Implement the “Rule of 3.” Use the “Rule of 3” to encourage team members to bring fresh ideas to the table. Tell your team that every new campaign, press release title, social media advertising campaign or any other creative endeavor must start with three different ideas. This encourages the team to think of new and different messages, rather than focusing on a single one that may not be the strongest or most relevant.

By implementing these simple changes, you can ensure your brand’s message looks and feels relevant. It also creates an atmosphere that encourages team members to look forward at what’s coming next so your brand remains prepared for the future.

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