A Winning Strategy for THOR Kitchen and Merlot

The dotCOMM Awards are an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication. And we have come away with a platinum award for our work with THOR Kitchen’s social media marketing campaign!

Social media is dynamic, and leaders in the industry must adapt to its ever-changing winds to remain in front of trends. With new data addressing the disparity between what consumers want to see and marketers want to show, our team devised an entertaining, product-centered campaign that bears this in mind. Using striking images and bright colors alongside playful and informative copy, THOR is able to authentically engage with its target audience, successfully creating greater brand and product awareness while building relationships with current and potential customers.

That Wagyu isn’t going to sear itself. Grab a damn apron.

When we first started working with THOR, the kitchen appliance manufacturer’s social media presence was just beginning to take shape. The brand had attracted an audience of less than 100 followers across all platforms and had not developed a social media strategy.

Through collaboration with the client team, we helped shape THOR’s brand strategy and tone in addition to creating a solid social strategy for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. After implementing this strategy, THOR sent out over 540 posts, and quickly earned 759,300 impressions, garnered more than 12,300 engagements and gained over 10,000 followers on Facebook, far exceeding initial goals.

We’re honored by this recognition and proud of what we have helped THOR achieve, and we look forward to taking the brand even further!

Interested in learning more about implementing an award-winning social media strategy? Download Merlot’s 8 Steps to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy here.

Questions? Email us at hello@merlotmarketing.com and let’s talk strategy!

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