Advertising Goes Green – Domino’s Pizza ads featured in Sidewalk dirt

I have to hand it to Domino’s, it’s a pretty creative idea.  Now that’s one form of advertising almost anyone can “love.”
Domino’s logos have been cleaned into dirty sidewalks in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York City as part of a campaign to promote Domino’s “American Legends” pizza.

GreenGraffiti, a business dedicated to clean outdoor advertising, used a high-pressure water hose to spray the eco-friendly images into the grime on the street. The green ads were created early on Thursday, while there was a lull in foot traffic.

“This is the first time we’ve done something like this,” said Jenny Fouracre, manager of public relations for Domino’s. “It’s never been done by an American company in the U.S. before.”

GreenGraffiti is created by laying a stencil down on the street and using a power washer to clean away filth in a design. More than 200 of these clean Domino’s ads were left on the ground.

The first 250 people to hunt down the sidewalk ads and email a picture of themselves with the GreenGraffiti to Domino’s will receive a $15 gift card. Winners will also have their pictures posted on Flickr.

Too bad Sacramento’s streets are so clean…
Source: Brandweek – Elana Glowatz
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  1. Robert
    July 16, 2009

    Very interesting use of the space. I would imagine that as sidewalks are public domain Dominoes didn't have to pay for the placement, just the application?

    And as far as Sacramento's streets being too clean, why not try the opposite? Just stain the sidewalks with mud or dirt or even temporary dye. You could use the same stencil application method, and it would still fade over time.

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