To say Debi Hammond is passionate about what she does would be an understatement. When she likes an idea, you’ll know it! And so will everyone else in the room as excitement emanates from head to toe. A poker player she is not…

Debi Hammond is a columnist, blogger, speaker, agency principal, wife and mother. She is the founder and president of Merlot Marketing, an award-winning full-service agency. Since its founding in 2001, Merlot Marketing has been listed four times in the Sacramento Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies and has won numerous awards for its work both locally and nationally. An award winner herself, Debi was named PR Person of the Year by the Sacramento Public Relations Association (SPRA) and has been recognized as a leader in the business community (see additional awards and associations). Debi has authored numerous articles on marketing and is currently a contributing writer for the Sacramento Business Journal.

When not working, which isn’t often, Debi enjoys winetasting (merlot, of course) and hiking with her husband and three children .