A time to give thanks

Published on December 10, 2013

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us and Christmas on the horizon, I think now is a great time to give thanks. Life may not be perfect, but now is the perfect time to take pause and be thankful for those who have enhanced and influenced our lives, or who may continue to do so every day.

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Social Media: Your New Customer Service Hotline

Published on October 24, 2013

In today’s marketplace brands are spending an unprecedented amount of time and money engaging consumers to attract new customers and generate new business. Engagement has become a critical pillar in modern marketing. In our young age of digital communication, a lot has been done to blur the lines between communications disciplines. Public relations, advertising, marketing, customer service, and sales are now each affected by the public’s growing use of social media to engage and talk about brands on their own terms.

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The law of sacrifice

Published on October 4, 2013

Who is your target audience? It’s a seemingly simple question. Easy…anyone in the market to…

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Published on September 18, 2013

At Merlot Marketing, one of the categories we serve is the agriculture/food sector, an industry…

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Our Cup Runneth Over – Here’s to new clients, great work and a growing team!

Published on September 10, 2013

  Over the past few months there has been an ever-growing buzz in our offices….

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Growth at Merlot Marketing, Bit by Byte

Published on August 26, 2013

It has been a bustling and exciting few months here at Merlot Marketing. In addition…

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Luxury Brands Finding Success on Instagram

Published on June 18, 2013

Instagram has been a huge hit for many brands. Attracted by the simplicity of its…

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Photos for social media

Published on May 29, 2013

Of all of the content we share on social media, photos tend to be the…

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What’s New With You?

Published on May 15, 2013

Have any new hires?  Make any changes to your business recently?  Social media is about…

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Published on May 14, 2013

As marketers we have to decide, based on sound research, who our target audience is. …

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