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Beck's Beer

Beck's Beer

So, Beck’s Beer has launched a blog, “The Daily Different.”  They’ve hired a comedian that looks 12 and is WAY too pretty to really drink beer.  So will it resonate with its ‘drinkers?’

Well, according to a survey by Forrester Research, only 16 percent of people trust what they read on  corporate blogs.  That number falls below message posts and direct mail.  The global marketing manager states that the goal of the blog is to create “relevant and entertaining content that is not about beer…”  However, if it’s not about beer, and it’s not truly an authentic blog (remember, the comedian is being paid by Beck’s or its agency), then what is the point of the blog?  Not to mention it’s flash-based which is very non-blog(ish). 

From a marketing perspective, corporations should align their marketing efforts more closely to their brands – ensuring relevancy.  At least when Miller launched a blog ( it talked about what else? Beer.  Although when trying to find the site, I couldn’t, so maybe that wasn’t such a good idea either…

Social media is not for every company and it shouldn’t be forced.  So professionally I give the blog a ‘blah’ and personally, well, common, we’re Merlot Marketing: I drink wine.

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  1. payday advance online
    January 28, 2009

    That really doesn't make sense to have a blog about the type of beer but then not have anything to really do with it in the blog. I think that would be the point is to blog about something specific, Becks Beer Blog, to me would think a blog about there beer.

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