Branson’s Brilliance: Another successful PR move by British Billionaire


Billionaire Richard Branson never ceases to amaze me.  When it comes to PR, the guy simply gets it.  Everything from his not-so-successful and very anti-climatic 407 ft. jump from the Palms Hotel and Casino to celebrate the inaugural Virgin American flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas, to his most recent (and much smarter) move of offering hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger a job at Virgin Air; when it comes to PR, he understands its power! 

Known mostly for his wacky stunts, I think this one is brilliant.  He enjoys the halo effect of a national hero and will continue to enjoy numerous media hits while “Sully” mulls over the offer.  For those companies who question the power of PR, ask this BILLIONAIRE what its done for him. If Branson is ever looking for a career change, I have a PR position available…

  1. Matt
    February 16, 2009

    My initial thought on the future of the hero pilot was that US Airways should offer him early retirement at his full salary. In this scenario, US Airways benefits from the halo effect and emerges as an employer who truly values the service of its employees. What better way to capitalize on an incredible situation than to publicly reward an employee and maintain the relationship between US Airways and Sully, the hero pilot. As I see it, a good PR move by Branson and a missed PR opportunity by US Airways.

  2. Dudes on Diapers
    February 16, 2009

    We'll grant you Branson's good...most of the time. But, he may have undone everything in his otherwise brilliant career, by doing something so stupid with his latest stunt, i.e. mooning everyone at Boston's Logan airport while dressed in drag as Wonder Woman. And, if it that wasn't dumb enough, yeah, while mooning there was a US flag sticking out of his butt crack. What was the point? Get some stupid press coverage at the expense of offending: 1) all Americans, and 2) every male who ever worshipped at the altar of the incredibly hot Lynda Carter. Now, if you want to read and see something truly funny because this was sooo not, check out

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