Reimagining Classic ideas with modern takes

Published on August 2, 2012

In our digital age of eblasts, wall posts, pins, upvotes, likes, check-ins, keywords, tweets and retweets it’s often easy to forget, or even dismiss the classic tools of marketing.

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Published on July 12, 2012

The new marketing campaign and pricing strategy for JCPenney was supposed to boost brand engagement, sentiment, and most importantly, boost sales. I definitely give the company kudos for its daring moves, but somewhere along the way the strategy and execution simply missed the “target.”

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Facebook use still works to build client relationships

Published on July 3, 2012

Premium content from Sacramento Business Journal by Debi Hammond Date: Friday, June 8, 2012, 3:00am…

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Steve Jobs’ 10 Commandments for Managing the Creative Process

Published on June 12, 2012

We could all learn a thing or two from Steve Jobs. Good was never good enough. And he expected the impossible to be achieved – and surprisingly, it often was. He was intensely focused on perfection down to the tiniest of details. When it comes to marketing, details matter at every level.

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I have an iPhone and iPad, do I really need an iPoo?

Published on May 31, 2012

Technology continues to make its way into every room in our homes, and bathrooms are no exception.

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Is Facebook Still a Viable Marketing Tool?

Published on May 23, 2012

When it comes to social media, one needs to be clear about the ROI. What is the “r” in ROI?

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Why businesses should jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

Published on March 7, 2012

Pinterest is the latest social media tool to catch fire and I think it’s hear to stay. Why? Because it’s easy, it’s visual and ‘easy’ and ‘visual’ are the ways Americans prefer to consume everything today. We are a visual and brand-driven society and Pinterest plays into both.

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Sex, Dogs and Rock ‘n Roll!

Published on February 6, 2012

Sex, Dogs and Rock ‘n Roll! That about sums up the Super Bowl ads for 2012! Although there weren’t any groundbreaking ads such as Apple’s 1984, there are a few that did stand out. So, with companies spending up to $3.5 million dollars per spot, who got it right this year?

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Subway’s $2 sub wins in more ways than one!

Published on December 1, 2011

Wendy’s has its $0.99 menu! McDonald’s, Taco Bell and almost every other major fast food…

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How do you keep a brand relevant? Deliver the ‘goods’ and unwrap Mariah!

Published on November 11, 2011

Jenny Craig hired Valerie Bertinelli to show off her figure at almost 50 – in…

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