Photos for social media

Published on May 29, 2013

Of all of the content we share on social media, photos tend to be the…

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What’s New With You?

Published on May 15, 2013

Have any new hires?  Make any changes to your business recently?  Social media is about…

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Analyze Past Posts

Published on April 24, 2013

Your fans will like some posts more than others, and with Facebook’s insights you’ll be…

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Beware of being narcissistic on Facebook

Published on April 17, 2013

Facebook is a social network so beware being narcissistic. If your page posts too much…

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Ask Questions To your fans on Facebook

Published on April 3, 2013

Facebook Tip of the Week: Ask questions In terms of user engagement, comments are better…

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Customer Service on Facebook

Published on March 22, 2013

People have begun to move away from traditional forms of customer service communication. Instead of…

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Create an event page on Facebook to support your company events

Published on March 13, 2013

  If your company will be hosting an event, create an event page. With an…

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Optimize photos for Graph Search

Published on March 6, 2013

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature for users called Graph Search. Graph Search gives…

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