Caught getting coverage: AdWeek and The Sacramento Bee feature Merlot Marketing’s office elf

What started out as a fun idea for a company holiday card has taken on a life of its own! Our beloved office elf, Franc, leads the charge for garnering local and national coverage for Merlot Marketing. Franc was featured in both AdWeek, a leading national industry website and magazine that covers media news-including print, technology, advertising, branding and television-and The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento’s award-winning and largest regional newspaper.

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Using our previously published list of five tips to create a successful company holiday card, we implemented our proprietary PR.0 process by incorporating video and digital strategies to achieve substantial results through an email marketing campaign and social outreach. By executing these tactics, we achieved:

  • 60.6% unique open rate (compared to the industry average 22.76%)
  • 18.6% click-through rate (compared to the industry average 2.81%)
  • 13 Instagram posts resulting in 321 likes and 9 comments
  • 4 Facebook posts reaching 2,370 users and resulting in 50 likes, comments and shares
  • 973 total YouTube views and 14 likes
  • 1,695 LinkedIn impressions and 13 likes
  • 25 Twitter likes,14 retweets and 9 mentions (and counting)

In addition to broadcasting our company holiday card across multiple social channels, we provided a place for our holiday video to live on our website, driving traffic back to our site and utilizing our marketing blog as a tool to report our findings. We were pleased to see this blog post in particular far exceeded the 15 seconds most visitors spend on a website with an average user spending five minutes and 52 seconds on our holiday blog page. By creating and sharing this post, we saw over 70 page views, 54 of them being unique page views.

We are thrilled with the coverage and hope that by sharing some of the analytics of this campaign, we provide you with some ideas for your next company promotion.


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