Conde Nast to Fold Gourmet Magazine

Okay, so even I’m shocked by this one.  Gourmet magazine will publish its last issue November 2009.  The magazine has been in publications since December 1940.  Yes, 1940!

The New York Times reported that Conde Nast was up in the air between which food title they were going to shut down – Gourmet or Bon Appetit – and given that Gourmet was considered the more upscale of the two, they decided to keep the book for the ‘masses.’  Given the economy, it seems consumers are looking for more value than ‘gourmet.’

The magazine has won numerous awards over the years for photography and editorial, so it’s a sad day in the publishing world – as well as for the close to one million people who either subscribe to or purchase the magazine on the newsstand. 


Along with Gourmet magazine, Conde Nast is planning to close Cookie, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride.  It isn’t the first closing for Conde Nast who pulled the plug on Domino and Men’s Vogue ealier this year. Still thirsty? Click here
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