According to Brenda Granucci Forman, her years of marketing experience have forever skewed her perception of the world. She understands that everything has been touched in one way or another by marketing. She also has a habit of identifying the ‘marketing spin’ on every detail and every life experience, and pointing out that spin to anyone who will listen. In other words, Brenda is a self-proclaimed marketing nerd, and she’s not afraid to tell you about it. In fact, she’s pretty proud of it.

With more than a decade of marketing and client services experience to her name, Brenda is the Director of Client Services at Merlot Marketing, Inc. As the title implies, she oversees key accounts at the agency and is responsible for internal and external client services. Whether she’s driving strategy on a new marketing campaign or driving the team crazy with her fanatical attention to detail, Brenda wears many hats. In short, she knows everything about anything that goes on at the agency (she even knows what you had for lunch today).

Since joining Merlot in 2003, Brenda has not only helped the agency triple in size, she’s also helped the agency secure national and international awards in categories such as Web site development, ad campaign creative, corporate identity and the execution of strategic public relations and social media campaigns. Brenda holds a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) and is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Sacramento Advertising Club (Sac Ad Club).

In the off hours, Brenda enjoys spending time with her husband, her four-legged child, Apollo, and adjusting to her newest role as mom to a beautiful daughter.  Talk about being exposed to an entirely new world of marketing!  Did you know every diaper has a cartoon character on it?  No wonder kids are obsessed with Disney before they can even talk.