Curating Valuable Connections on Social Media: #MOMinate Mother’s Day Campaign

These days, more than ever, connecting a brand to its audience is a must. Social media has given brands a tool to intentionally curate a community of like-minded people who share similar values, lifestyles, and aesthetics. With that, it is advantageous to tap into the ethos of a brand’s community and create social media campaigns that enhance their online experience, rather than interrupt it.

We helped Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone boost engagement and awareness through a rockin’ social media giveaway surrounding Mother’s Day with the hashtag #MOMinate. With the holiday on the horizon, here is a look into how it went down:

The Strategy

When looking to expand your audience on social media and increase brand awareness, running an Instagram giveaway can be a strategic move with a huge payoff. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love free stuff?

When considering the client’s social media KPI’s and holistic brand goals, running a social media giveaway to generate more likes, follows, reach, engagement, and brand awareness for a newer product line our team of social media experts decided a giveaway was the way to go! With these goals and the client’s best interest in mind, we developed a multi-brand, cross-platform giveaway that worked to further promote their premium, established brands while also cross-populating their audiences to bring more awareness to their newly launched product line with a much smaller audience.

The Connection

When running a social media giveaway, there is an implied expectation that new followers, likes, and engagement will be gained. Why? Well, free product, of course. However, a brand’s overall longevity depends on the ability to inspire a community that is emotionally invested.

Our tactic was to establish a call to action that would start a meaningful conversation. Check out these compelling examples of copy we used to build the relationship between the brands and their new audience!

The Creative

A series of 6 social media posts per brand, 18 total, were posted to Instagram and Facebook to promote the giveaway during its month-long duration. Check out these incredible pieces of creative!

The Results

The campaign’s call to action helped to deepen the relationship between the brands and their audiences, generating a myriad of heartfelt sentiments. The #MOMinate campaign generated 1,565 comments + submissions, 823,406 impressions, 627,363 reach, 2,092 likes, and a grand total of 8,414 followers were gained during the month-long duration of the campaign!


Our passionate team of creatives is thrilled to have played a vital role in the strategy and implementation of the #MOMinate campaign and for the opportunity to work with the amazing client team at Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone to further their brand’s social impact!

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