Desperate marketers are becoming more intrusive.

During this time of DVR and TiVo, consumers have the luxury of fast forwarding through commercials. Personally, I like to watch the commercials because hey, it’s what I do. However, because of this new technology, marketers are desperate to find new ways to promote their products.

The latest tactic I’ve seen to combat DVR? Recently, while watching The Family Guy on TBS, a commercial spot to promote “The Bill Engvall Show” aired during the middle of the episode. Engvall walks on the bottom of the screen, pauses “The Family Guy” with a remote, and talks about how great his show is before pressing play.

The Family Guy

From a marketing perspective, I understand that you need to be creative in order to cut through the clutter of a world that is over saturated with ads. However, you need to walk a fine line between getting your message heard and being so annoying that your target audience will refuse to use the product…or watch the show in this instance.

Just my $.02

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