Don’t be a ‘Twittiot.’

So, although I loved the term(s) coined by Jeremy Pepper (Twitter-idiocy or Twitteriocy, he’s in the process of coining it), I have to concede, I am more enamored with mine: Twittiot! Okay, I’ll admit, I love Twitter.  It’s great for real time information. It’s great for networking.  It’s great for keeping in touch, and let’s face it, it’s just plain fun.  However, when used in a business setting, do I really want to know that you’re brushing your teeth? Watching television? Or eating?  Now if you were drinking a glass of wine, I’d be interested.  In fact, what kind? Vintage? I digress…

When using Twitter in a business capacity, at least try to keep it somewhat relevant.  Share information, ask a question, or create a conversation thread.  But really, if you have to go, you know, like ‘go,’ I don’t want to know about it.  In short, don’t be a Twittiot!  In fact, to avoid ‘Twitteriocy’ altogether, start here.

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