Don’t Play it Safe With Creative Advertising

Merlot Marketing Braziliance Advertisement

Robert Collier is quoted saying, “Playing safe is probably the most unsafe thing in the world. You cannot stand still. You must go forward.” This is Merlot Marketing’s philosophy when it comes to marketing, public relations and advertising.  If an advertisement does not stand out, what is the point? One doesn’t need to be a marketing or advertising expert to understand this.  However, many marketing executives often shy away from bold advertising concepts because they’re afraid of what some people might think or say.  If the advertisement is written for your target audience in a way that will reach them that’s what counts.

It’s not every day that Merlot Marketing has the opportunity to do something really different.  But, with Merlot Marketing’s Brazilian hardwood flooring client, IndusParquet, we challenged them to rethink the norm and do something unique.  Visually, Merlot used a striking image of a Brazilian bird.  In the headline, Merlot coined the term “Braziliance” and in the body copy we liken the bird’s natural beauty to that of our client’s flooring.  The result is a campaign that leaps off the pages of the otherwise plain flooring trade magazine, read by flooring dealers and distributors.  The campaign has successfully caught the attention of its readers, leaving them wanting more and asking how they can sell IndusParquet flooring.

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