Event planning can be one of the most fun and exciting elements of a PR pro’s responsibilities.  As soon as I’m charged with an event, I immediately start visualizing all of the great menus we can create, music to be played, etc.  But, what a fantastic event planner knows is that it’s the less glamorous details of planning an event that make the day a success! So, I thought I would share three key tips on planning wonderful events for guests that also keep you calm throughout.



It’s easy to get so caught up in what’s going to happen during the actual event.  You don’t want to forget about how your guests are going to get there.  Before choosing an event venue, you must consider where guests will park and how they’ll get to the event site from that location.  Also, consider how they’ll know where to park.  Here, signage is key! Ask yourself what type of event you’re planning and how your guests will be dressed.  If it’s a formal affair, you don’t want women trekking through a gravel path in their stilettos.  Just remember, parking is part of the overall event experience and truly sets a first impression. 



Again, something that can be forgotten is making sure you have ample signage.  When your guests arrive you’ll want to make sure that it’s almost impossible for them to become confused about where to go.  Think about signage for check-in tables, restrooms, event activities, media tables, first-aid (if it’s a large public event), etc.  Signage at an event is just great communication.  You can almost never over-communicate.



If you’ve planned many events you’ve probably come across planning for the dreaded rain (rain is great, just not when you’re hosting an outdoor event).  When planning an outdoor event, you’ll want to put equal effort into planning a plan b option for the occurrence of rain.  Does the venue have a location on-site that the event can be moved indoors? If not, you’ll want to make sure to order a tent or some sort of temporary solution.  If you do have to go to plan b, are all of your vendors prepared? How will that affect your event timeline?


There are many other areas to think about when planning your next event but, these tips will hopefully help you avoid chaos at your next soiree.

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