Our favorite marketing Sips of the Week in 2016

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to share some of our team members’ favorite marketing sips (tips) of 2016 to prepare your team for a successful new year!

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Debi, CEO: “One of the most important questions in marketing is always ‘Who cares?’ It is imperative to have a compelling proposition of value for your customers if you expect them to take action”

Chad, Account Manager: “How will you know when you’ve aimed for—and reached—the right goals? By tying strong Key Performance Indicators to your marketing efforts, it’s easier to determine and enhance the factors that are driving business.”

Whitney, Digital Engagement Specialist: “A win is even sweeter when you have a chance to acknowledge and appreciate it. Sometimes, we get so fixated on where we’re going that we forget to affirm how far we’ve come.”

Luis, PR Account Executive: “A personal touch goes a long way. Taking the time to send someone a handwritten note can make the difference between someone working with you or not working with you in the future.”

Review our full playlist of Merlot Marketing Sips here and follow along on our social platforms for a new Sip of the Week every Wednesday.

We wish you a successful and prosperous 2017!

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