Happy Valentine’s Day: How Did it all Start?

Valentine’s Day is one day a year that we make it a point to emphasize our affection for our loved ones in a special way.  But, have you ever wondered where it all started? Me too! So, instead of going to the library to research the subject, I found this very cool Valentine’s Day infographic. 

Did you know that this day of love started even back before 200 A.D.? Me neither.  The graphic above also uncovers some data on how much love costs us each year.  Like the fact that we spend $8.6 million a year on sparkling wine for the special day and buy 58 million pounds of chocolate for our sweeties.  Wow! That’s a lot of cocoa.  What about those Sweethearts® that say “Be Mine”, “Hugs” or “Luv You”? 8 billion of those little pink and purple candies are sold each year, with a majority sold between January 1 and February 14.  If you’ll believe it, that’s enough conversation hearts to stretch from Rome to Italy, to Valentine, Arizona and back again 20 times! My goodness, that’s wild! Isn’t that crazy? I hope you’ve enjoyed learning the history of this special day in a fun, graphical way.  Don’t forget to share what you’ve learned with the ones you love.

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