Your brand has a story.

We’ll help you share it.

Build traction and grow your business with a proven process that articulates your story and inspires action.

Articulate your story

Share your story

Increase your sales

Frustrated with mediocre marketing that doesn’t generate results?

You’re not alone. Many marketing and business executives experience the same thing. Are you struggling with…
Addressing symptoms vs.
solving root problems for your brand?
Lacking time, staff or
expertise to improve your messaging?
Confusing or differing views
of the company’s unique value?
Getting sales and marketing to
tell the same meaningful story?
Too few buyers
knowing your brand even exists?
Getting the PR coverage you feel
your company deserves?
We see it all the time. We’re here to help.
Ready to clearly communicate your
brand’s unique value?

Know who you are, why you exist and how to express it.

That’s what we do. For companies like yours.

A meaningful story

Make it obvious why your customers should buy from you. Every. Single. Time.

Be unique

REDiscover and articulate your strengths and distinctions so you’ll stand out from the rest.

Proven process

Have a reliable and repeatable process to reach and speak clearly to your target audience.

Higher confidence

Go from ‘WTF’ to confident ‘AF’ knowing you’re spending your marketing $$$ wisely.

Greater consistency

Start (and keep) saying all the right things, all the right ways, across all the right marketing channels.

More sales

More people recognizing and trusting your brand = more sales for your products and services.

Ready for an outside perspective to
elevate your brand?
Get Started

Why wait any longer to
elevate your brand?

Especially since we make it so simple—in just 3 steps:


Schedule a call

Let’s meet to learn more,
identify pain points and goals to
see if we’re a match.


Work together

Build your strategy and plan. Improve and articulate your story. Tell your story consistently across all marketing channels.


Grow your business

Be recognized. Be adored. Win fans. Win sales.
Ready to create a more trusted and
recognized brand?

About Merlot

Actually, it’s really about you.

We challenge the status quo, with an outside perspective. Where we listen first, then explain what’s needed, whether you want to hear it or not. Because our expertise, honesty, strength and business savvy is why a business like yours will succeed working with an agency like us. You’ll notice professionalism, wit and grit from the moment we connect, to-and-through the entire project.

We’re intentional where others are often unintentional. Whether, communicating with teams, collaborating with leaders, setting clear expectations, creating common understanding or running meetings. In fact, more than just results, we strive to make meetings with Merlot—the best part of your day.

Ready to convert your vision into a solid, effective, brilliant story? That’s why we should work together.
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Why Merlot

Be confident in your marketing—with measurable results.

Leverage an outside, expert perspective
Many clients have been with
us for 10+ years
Generated billions of
impressions for 100s of clients
Clients featured on GMA,
Today, in the WSJ and NYT
20+ years marketing home
and building products
We guarantee 5x return on your annual PR investment – or one month service for FREE.














Ready for an outside perspective
to elevate your brand?


Create stories, imagery and
emotions that resonate with
your target audience.

No matter which services or channels
—we’ll spread the word to reach and
inspire your buyers.
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Brand Development

Articulate your unique story and develop the visual interpretation of your brand.
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PR.0™ (Public Relations)

Generate awareness and positive perception with great PR coverage.
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Social Media

Grow and engage your online community and inspire them to take action.
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Creative Services

Tell your story visually to capture your audiences’ attention across all channels of communication.
Media Planning and Buying · Photography and Videography ·
Content Creation · Trade Show Promotion · Website Development
Ready for tell and sell your vision as a
solid, brilliant story?

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