How we are influenced, Brand advocates are key to business success

As kids we’re told, “Don’t succumb to peer pressure!” As adults, we say, “Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s.”  But in all actuality we very much care what our peers think and its how we make purchasing decisions.  In fact, a recent Crowdtap poll of 1,000 respondents shows that 70 percent of us purchase products based on peer (family or friends) recommendations on Facebook.  The key for us as marketers is when we can establish such passionate brand advocates for our product or service that they influence their family and friends to try/purchase the product as well.  Joe Tripodi, chief marketing officer at The Coca-Cola Company says, “Awareness is fine but, advocacy will take your business to the next level.” So with that being said, how can you utilize your brand advocates to build your business? If you don’t have advocates, how can you establish a following? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Merlot Marketing Brand Advocate Infographic

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