How well does your LinkedIn profile represent you?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool.  It’s your online professional source for connections leads, networking and in some cases, a job.  Yet so many people make careless mistakes in building out their profiles and connecting via this online networking platform.  Here’s one tip to keep in mind the next time you’re planning a profile update.

Tip #1: Use a good quality, professional profile photo.  When I say professional, it doesn’t mean you need a studio shot taken by an award-winning photographer.  However, you should use a photo that is clear, cropped close enough to see your face and in focus with good lighting.  Photos not to post:

– The one where your ex-girlfriend’s hair, elbow or cocktail  is peeking out of the corner of a cropped picture of you.

– The bikini shot. We know you look great, but save it for Facebook

– The Hawaiian shirt and Mai Tai

– The golfing photo – sorry guys…

– The dog and kids – we know you love them, but ‘leave them’ at home

– The mystery shot – the image of you standing in a field or on the beach that is taken so far away that not even your own mother could recognize you.

The rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t present yourself that way in a job interview or sales call, then you shouldn’t present yourself that way on LinkedIn – because they just might be one in the same.

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