How to Pitch Digital Media: Editor-in-Chief Ellen Swandiak, Hobnob

Merlot’s SpeedBriefings™ with…Hobnob 

We are turning the tables on the media! It’s time for PR pros to interview editors and reporters instead of just pitching them. Our aim is to understand how changes in technology and human behavior are affecting their business, and to determine what we (as public relations professionals) can do to better serve this evolving print/digital industry.

In this episode, we interview Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hobnob, Ellen Swandiak, to learn the best way to pitch her, her thoughts on using social media for pitching and how the industry is changing!

Check it out!


What is the best way to pitch a digital platform? 1:18

How have digital platforms augmented the industry? 1:47

How often do you get pitched? 2:20

What’s the best way to pitch you? 3:14

Do you open email attachments? 4:12

How often should we follow-up with you? 4:51

What are your PR pet peeves? 5:38

What should PR Pros never do? 6:18

Would you post branded editorial video content? 6:58

How many PR agencies do you work with? 8:11

What’s one piece of advice for PR Pros? 10:14

THIS OR THAT?: 11:36


SpeedBriefings with… Hosted by: Brenda Forman

Guest: Editor-in-Chief Ellen Swandiak, HOBNOB

Produced by: Merlot Marketing, Inc.

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