Iconic 2023 St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Saint Patrick’s Day has long been held as a chance to eat, drink and be merry– or like any good marketer, an opportunity to produce perfectly-themed advertising gold. But in the marketing world, a successful campaign doesn’t just appear at the end of the rainbow. 


However, that didn’t stop these companies from striking gold. With a mix of research, analyzing, a touch of genius (and a dash of Irish luck), these companies were able to have their corned beef and eat it too. 



It’s 2023 folks, and social media marketing is bigger than ever! And this year, the famed Irish beer brand, Guinness, is taking to Instagram to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Using the Instagram Reels feature, Guinness prompts consumers to get into the holiday spirit and get creative by sharing their best St. Patrick’s Day toasts via social media. Did we mention there’s a $1 million in prizes on the line? Sláinte!


Not to worry, the brand is still debuting one of its iconic national TV commercials throughout the month of March and features appearances from NFL pro Joe Montana and chef Kwame Onwuachi.


Jameson’s “desk decoy.” (Photo Credit: Pernod Ricard)

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Another famed Irish alcohol producer (there may be a pattern here) Jameson Irish Whiskey, launched “desk decoys”, aka custom life-sized cardboard cutouts to place at your workstation while you’re celebrating what they have coined as SPTO (St. Patrick’s Day Time Off). In addition, the brand is offering one lucky fan some actual SPTO, with a $10,000 bonus sweepstakes to celebrate the holiday away from the office and out with friends and family! Genius, right? 


Jack in the Box

Did anyone have a Jack in the Box X Mint Mobile St. Patrick’s Day-themed brand collaboration on their 2023 bingo cards? This year the fast-food chain is partnering with Mint Mobile and Ryan Reynolds to promote a seasonal menu item– the Mint Mobile Shake. As an added bonus, the brand’s promotion includes a prize (money towards a month of rent) to 5 lucky winners! We’ll cheers to that! 


Whether it’s a highly produced national TV commercial or a user-generated social media sweepstakes, what makes a campaign successful is the brand’s ability to understand its people. And when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, those people want fun and festive– and perhaps a Mint Mobile Shake? We’ll let you make that call. 


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