I’m Obsessed with Pinterest – Have You Been Introduced?

I am not usually one for jumping on the bandwagon of every new social media platform released.  In fact, there are some popular sites such as Foursquare that I personally have no need for.   I can update my friends on things going on in my life just fine on Facebook and for marketing and business updates LinkedIn and Twitter work great.  But Foursquare just plain creeps me out.  There are however, occasions when a new platform comes out that I go crazy over.  A few months back I discovered Spotify and music listening will never be the same for me.  Most recently, I discovered Pinterest which is down-right genius! For those that have not been introduced, Pinterest is a platform for sharing images that inspire you visually with ideas on organization, wedding planning, home décor, cooking, planning your child’s birthday party and the list goes on.  I can and have spent many hours perusing and pinning fabulous things to my personal boards.

So, how does this fabulous new tool apply to businesses? From my vantage point, if your product can be used to inspire women in any way, you have a place on Pinterest.  I can see a place for every type of business to share images from stylish brands to personal trainers, chefs, wedding planners, photographers, restaurants, hotels, authors etc.  So, how do you get started and what are some of the “rules” on Pinterest? I would like to share an article that will give you some tips to get started from Mashable, a fantastic group of social media thought leaders. The article, entitled, Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips will give you a great start to thinking about Pinterest from the vantage point of socially connecting consumers to your brand.  After reading this post you should have some great ideas on how your business can connect with women on the fabulous platform.

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