Isn’t it about time the C-Suite Jumps Aboard?

I just read an article entitled “Why Executive HATE Social Media,” and it made some really great points. Just take a look at the statistics below. As an executive, it’s all about numbers and these are pretty powerful numbers.

Social Media Value #5: Supporting Statistics

Executives rely on market research to support and substantiate any designated course of action, and devour facts, stats, and data-points like shrimp at a wedding reception. Summarized below are a few statistics buttressing the explosion of this social media trend, and detailing how Corporate America is leveraging it to realize significant revenue and market share growth going forward.

  • In the last 7 years, Internet usage has increased 70 percent a year. Spending for digital advertising this year will be more than $25 billion and surpass print advertising spending (forever)
  • Lenovo has experienced a 20 percent reduction in activity to their call center since they launched their community website for customers
  • Blendtec quintupled sales with its “Will it Blend” series on YouTube
  • Only 18 percent of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI
  • Naked Pizza set a one-day sales record using social media: 68 percent of their sales and 85 percent of their new customers came via Twitter.
  • Software company reports 24 percent of social media leads convert to sales opportunities,
  • Dell has already made over $7 million in sales via Twitter.
  • Thirty-seven percent of Generation Y heard about the Ford Fiesta via social media before its launch in the US and currently 25 percent of Ford’s marketing budget is spent on digital/social media.
  • Seventy-one percent of companies plan to increase investments in social media by an average of 40 percent.
  • A recent Wetpaint/Altimeter Group study found companies that widely engage in social media surpass their peers in both revenue and profit.

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Read the rest of the article here.

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