K/BIS: Pre-Show Preview

Image: ApplianceAdvisor.com

The housing market seemed to start this economic slump, so maybe it will be one of the first to turn around.  If this cartoon is any indication, we’re in for a long ride…

In preparation for the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference in Atlanta, May 1 – 3, I ran across this statistic on ApplianceAdvisor.com: In 2008 there were more than 1000 exhibitors at K/BIS and in 2009, the list is currently at 599. 
Well, the bright side is, with fewer weeds, the flowers will seem to bloom ever brighter! A great opportunity for our clients and those companies who are brave enough to weather the storm. 
We’re excited about the show as it gives us the opportunity to experience firsthand the latest designs, trends and technological advances in the kitchen and bath industry – all information we’ll be eagerly sharing with the media.  Check back often because we’ll be ‘tweeting’ and blogging live from the show. 
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