With the mainstream use of social media, it’s not shocking that more and more brands are leveraging this movement by establishing a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  But what is shocking is how some of these brands are going about doing it.  Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can make or break a brand.  Yet, many companies are underestimating this power and putting the control into the hands of interns.  INTERNS! 

While interns can be a great asset to your company, they are learning. They are not experts. If you had a million dollar advertising budget, would you rely on an intern to make sound recommendations?  If you needed creative for that advertising campaign, would you hire any intern with InDesign software to develop a campaign that reflects your brand and message?  Probably not.  For some reason, because the tools and platforms are free, many companies underestimate the power of social media.  Just like with the other tools in the marketing mix, you need to hire trained professionals to manage and represent your brand. 

Check out this article from PRDaily.com on the four reasons the PR team should handle social media.  Do you agree or disagree?


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