Mattel’s Barbie Real-Life Dream House Generates Buzz!

Barbie in front of her real-life Malibu Dream House

Barbie in front of her real-life Malibu Dream House

Mattel’s PR stunts continue to garner press coverage.  I can’t say it’s always the best press coverage (i.e. her divorce from Ken), but this one was pretty good.  To celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday, Mattel commissioned interior decorator Jonathan Adler to deck out a real-life 3,500-square-foot mini-mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean to look like the very blond and skinny doll’s outrageously pink dream home.

Every major magazine publisher in the shelter category and beyond create dream houses to promote advertiser’s products and increase press coverage for their respective magazines, so why not a toy maker?  It’s the parent’s attention you need to grab, right? They are the ones pulling out the credit card for their little one’s Barbie Dream (Play) House.

So, by creating something ‘real,’ Mattel was able to tap into additional press opportunities by partnering with Alder who is probably best known as head judge on Bravo’s “Top Design” and  “Project Runway’s” contestant Chris March, who designed a $200,000 chandelier that hangs in the living room.

I think Mattel was smart to focus on her home rather than her.  Especially since many mothers know that at 50 (or any age for that matter), you’re simply not that long, lean, tan or taut…

Barbie Dream House Living Room

Barbie Dream House Living Room Okay, this is 'my' dream closet. Just look at those shoes...

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