Meet Beth Wenbourne Katz

Meet Beth Wenbourne Katz, our Digital Engagement Manager. Beth joined the Merlot team last August.

Beth Wenbourne Katz

Beth Wenbourne Katz, Digital Engagement Manager

Title: Digital Engagement Manager

What that Really Means: I guide our team in using digital platforms and social media to engage with customers and media. I make sure we use each platform strategically so that the right people see the right information from our clients.

In other words, I’m the girl with the Twitter password.

Years in the Biz: 12

Impressive Credential: Master of Arts degree (2008)

Why People Think I’m Insane: I’m a total adrenaline junkie. I love anything that goes fast: cars, jets, motorcycles, boats. Some of my craziest experiences have been zip lining over an entire valley in Costa Rica, jumping out of an airplane with members of the Patriots Jet Team, and scuba diving in a shark tank in Las Vegas.

Why I’m a Perfect Fit for Merlot: I believe in the power of teamwork. Many of us at Merlot are former athletes so we understand the meaning of succeeding as a team and failing as a team. Our leaders have created a supportive atmosphere which ensures that everyone has the tools and resources they need to get the best results for our clients. There’s never any finger-pointing if a mistake is made – instead we treat mistakes as learning opportunities that strengthen the entire team.

Favorite Food or Restaurant: I just love food. I’m equally happy eating a cheeseburger in a greasy spoon diner as I am shooting fresh oysters in a swanky restaurant by the bay. If I had to choose, though, I would have to say that Crawdad’s on the River is probably my favorite place in Sacramento. During summer the view is magical and the crowd is all about having fun.

Libation of Choice: Red wine (Merlot), of course!

Alma Mater: CSU, Chico (B.A.) and SDSU (M.A.)

Special, Significant Experience: I work well with editors and the media because my first love is writing. I began my career as a copywriter and content optimization specialist. As digital marketing evolved, so did I. Since I’ve been around since the Dark Ages of digital marketing, I understand a lot of the basic principles. This means I’m able to devise strategy that can be effective across platforms.

Awards: I have contributed to campaigns that have garnered PRSA Influencer Awards and MarComm Awards. As a graduate student, I received a special grant for my research in urban literacy.

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