Merlot Marketing wins Intergalactic Best Agency Award

April 1, 2016


Brenda Forman
Debi Hammond
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Merlot Marketing wins 457th Intergalactic Best Agency Award
Sacramento-Based PR Agency Wins “Best Company in the Galaxy”

DISNEYLAND, CA – Merlot Marketing, the Sacramento-based marketing and professional alligator-wrangling agency, has been awarded the 457th Intergalactic Agency Award for the company’s work in promoting world peace, solving world hunger and successfully eradicating the world of cheap gimmicks and low-quality wine.

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Started in 2001 by Lead Guitarist and Master Sommelier Debi Hammond, the classically trained team at Merlot Marketing was presented the 457th Intergalactic Award for their work on dynamic advertising campaigns for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and the artist formerly known Prince, as well as creative content such as the video, “When The Fridge Died,” a docudrama examining unexplained staff excitement about modern accommodations such as ice makers, and the dramatic, “DUCKHORN: Who Really is That Creepy Guy in the Parking Lot?” by Eli Creel, cameraman and resident denim model at Merlot Marketing.

“Merlot Marketing is truly the best in the intergalactic market,” said President of the United States Barack Obama. “Their attention to detail, combined with their strong sense of world domination but with a pleasant attitude really makes them a joy to work with.”

“I might mention Merlot in my next album release,” said Debi Hammond’s close personal friend Kanye West. “I really dig their style, and that Brenda lady knows how to rock the green pants like no one else.”

“This is just another day in agency life,” reported Hammond. “We couldn’t have achieved this award without our amazing clients, our dedicated team, and copious amounts of vintage wine, which we gladly accept in lieu of another award that simply will not fit on our wall.”

The agency will represent itself, Mr. West, the entire Ohio University Marching Band Ensemble, the remaining living members of ABBA, members of the free world, and beloved designer and friend Sir Michael Berman at the Ultimate Fighters Challenge (UFC) MMA Championship next month.

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About Merlot Marketing
Founded in 2001, Merlot Marketing is an award-winning, intergalactic agency helping companies, pandas, troubled youth, out-of-work comedians and Kanye West rediscover their brand position, because by god, they need it. Headquartered in Northern California (though we collectively wish Disneyland), Merlot Marketing specializes in marketing strategy, high fives, failing at turning on the Apple TV, really good looking employees and understanding the difference between pinot and a nice cab. Think PINK. Think Pandas. Discover fun stuff at or call 1-900-MIXALOT.

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