Merlot Wins ‘Best Places to Work’ 2018

Merlot photo credit: Tim Engle Photography. Mad Men photo credit: HBO.

As you may have seen on our social media platforms, Merlot was one of a select group of businesses in the Sacramento area to win the Sacramento Business Journal’s 2018 “Best Places to Work.” This is a huge honor and as much as we appreciate and are thrilled by every award we win, this one holds a special place in our hearts because it speaks to the satisfaction of the people who work here. The path to winning the Sacramento Business Journal’s annual award began with a nomination. Once Merlot was nominated, full-time employees took anonymous surveys distributed by an independent company. Once those surveys were accounted for, the winners were determined by the overall feedback from employee surveys.

This recognition affirms the culture we strive so hard to build and the effort we put into being the best agency partner for our clients and teammates. Our culture is always top of mind and reflected in everything we do. We hold bi-weekly Client Services training and refer back to our “culture deck ” regularly to reinforce our values and inspire each other to be the best team members we can be. Among the values we hold highest are clear communication, high performance, attention to detail and, of course, teamwork. We also draw inspiration from top companies, like Netflix and Disney who are known for their strong company cultures.

“Let’s make the company a place we always dreamed of working. Let’s create a company that we can be proud to say we are a part of that organization!” -Reed Hastings & Patty McCord, Netflix

In addition to our firmly held core values, the team has fun. Work hard, play hard as they say— and we do. On Friday afternoons during Creative Sessions, team members can enjoy a glass of wine or beer while brainstorming creative ideas for upcoming campaigns and reviewing the “wins of the week.” Generous members of the management team constantly bring in treats to perk up the staff, and there is always an open door to check in and discuss concerns or questions.

When creating a culture, why not create a culture we love?

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