Merlot Mixes It Up With Savor Wavs


As a marketing agency, we can appreciate good work when we see it. Chipotle’s Savor Wavs campaign is a prime example of a marketing push that not only hits the target, but inspires action. The BOGO (buy one, get one) promotion entices users to take a visual and musical journey inspired by Chipotle’s ingredients.

Whether you’re a burrito, burrito bowl or taco person, Chipotle’s digital platform allows you to become the composer of your own personalized mix.  Working with Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA,  Chipotle developed unique sounds for all 51 of their ingredients. You can pick and choose ingredients to create your own sound, and the end product is definitely filling.

Listen to our Custom Mix…it pairs well with a glass of Merlot!

So why did this promotion capture our attention in a world of digital clutter? It takes into consideration our senses and allows us to experience Chipotle beyond just the taste. You can “hear the sound” of your burrito, bowl or taco. It’s a well-planned way to create a deeper connection between brand and user; and it doesn’t hurt that the design and execution were spot on, too.

Click to learn more about the Chipotle Savor Wavs Campaign or to listen to our Merlot Mix.

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