Merlot Presents Haute@Home

I’m proud to present a new video series where I take you through Haute products and trends from KBIS and IBS at Design and Construction Week 2022 in Orlando. This is Haute@Home, and there’s more in the coming months!

Your brand can be included in the next Haute@Home video series for Design and Construction Week 2023 in Las Vegas at no cost, send an email to for more information OR fill out the form below . We look forward to hearing from you, enjoy!


  • R-BOX – The brand-new R-BOX Combi Steam Oven from ROBAM provides 20 unique cooking and cleaning functions in a single unit, including three professional steam modes, two baking functions, grilling, convection and air frying.


  • R-MAX – The 30-inch R-MAX Series Touchless Range Hood has a slanted design and large, panoramic smoke cavity to provide an unprecedented 105-degree opening angle for maximum coverage and suction. A touchless infrared panel allows for effortless operation.

Eldorado Stone, Grand Banks Stone Veneer

  • Nothing quite beats the captivating character of Grand Banks, as it shines soft, earthy neutrals in multilayered creams and silvery blue tones with distinctive accents of rust and gray-green– the perfect touch of both rustic texture and modern appeal.

Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, Palacio Fireplace Surround

  • To create a bold focal point in any space, The Palacio fireplace surround from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds offers a compelling counterpoint with just the right amount of stage presence to fire up a new fireplace.

Kalamazoo, Drop-In Gas Grill

  • These grills are both beautiful and exceptionally functional. Today we’re taking a look at their first drop-in style gas grill head, which offers grilling enthusiasts the frill of a custom look and the assurance of Kalamazoo’s high-quality performance.

Quartzforms, Quarts Agglomerate Surfaces

  • From kitchen worktops and floor coverings to stunning accent walls or even bathroom embellishments, these quartz composites are designed to be versatile, resilient, and highly attractive– adding the perfect touch of everyday luxury to your space.

ZBOM, Kitchen Cabinets

  • We are blown away by the brilliance of this pioneer in the Chinese cabinets industry. From multi-family living to luxury condo developments, ZBOM specializes in whole kitchen and home customization across three continents.
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