#MerlotReacts: The torch of excitement is lit for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

As we shed the vibrantly colored feathers of the Rio 2016 Olympics, we can’t help but turn our attention to the Tokyo 2020 Games following the colorful “teaser” presentation from the closing ceremony. The marketing push has already begun for the biggest sporting event in the world, and now it’s Tokyo’s turn to start generating buzz for its city, culture and global contributions.

Tokyo Olympics

Click for a sneak preview.

Watch the full introduction to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics here.

The city has four years to build enthusiasm around the world, and the sneak preview from Rio already has many people talking, including members of the Merlot Marketing team. Here’s what caught our attention over the weekend:

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Whitney: I loved the creative theme of animation fused with talented athletes ready to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. While I always look forward to the Olympics (both summer and winter), this teaser of the world’s largest sporting spectacle inspires young athletes and audiences alike to be passionate about what’s to come. The Olympics provide a unique opportunity to expand cultural awareness and Tokyo will be no different.

Danielle: I’m excited to see the world’s largest sporting event come to one of the most (if not, THE most) technologically innovative cities in the world. I think Tokyo will showcase the Olympic sports and culture in a way that we’ve never seen before. Plus, the new sports (baseball, & softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing and surfing) will be exciting to watch on a global level for the first time. Kanpai! 乾杯

Ashley: I was really drawn to the creativity of incorporating the animated elements with live action shots to showcase the unique culture of Japan. I’m excited about the new advancements in technology that Japan is looking to incorporate into the Olympic village and the stadiums.

Chad: Tokyo’s 2020 sneak preview impressed me in a number of ways. First, I appreciated the infusion of technology and focus on futurism. Also, the youthful tone of the “pitch” and its integration of popular characters from video games and anime served as an obvious play for more up-and-coming premier athletes from the millennial generation and younger.

Two thumbs way up for Shinzō Abe for his role in the presentation; it’s not every day that you see a prominent head of state who is willing to have fun on such a public stage.

Elyssa: I’m really excited about the crazy technological advances that Japan plans to have at the 2020 Olympics, especially the artificial meteor showers. I think that will be a really cool touch to the opening night. But I’m always ready to watch Simone Biles dominate on the gymnastics floor!

Lexi: I believe Tokyo 2020 Olympics will launch a new era of modern Olympics that integrates rapidly-evolving technology to directly benefit athletes and spectators. Their tech projects will “wow” the world and set new standards for future host cities (can you imagine instant language translation?). Between the cutting-edge technology and introduction to sports such as surfing and skateboarding, the next Summer Olympics is certainly targeting younger generations. It’ll be very exciting! Although honestly, the Olympics are always exciting—with or without robots.

With only 1,427 days until the opening ceremonies, we want to hear your thoughts; what are you excited for with the upcoming Tokyo Olympics?

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