#MerlotReacts: Are the new Sacramento Kings logos a slam dunk?

Adding to the excitement surrounding the opening of Golden 1 Center (NBA’s techiest arena to date), the Sacramento Kings recently released fresh logo concepts to the public, and the Merlot Marketing team is in an uproar (pun intended) about the new lion-inspired designs.

Sacramento Kings new logo designs
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Read what some of the marketing and design professionals and hoop enthusiasts on our team had to say about the new logo concepts below:

Elyssa: “Although I’m not a huge sports fan, I am a huge graphics fan. My favorite logo in the lineup is the basketball with the lion’s face. I think that the symbolism of royalty through the use of purple mixed with the symbolism of strength through the use of the lion is intimidating without having to say a word. In my world, it’s basically the best form of trash talk.”

Chuck: “I find the new logos fairly boring or safe, with one exception. I was pleasantly surprised to see the use of the Lion Rampant.  I happen to love this symbol—I had it tattooed on my shoulder when I was an imprudent lad before I went into the army.

It’s the royal emblem of Scotland but has been in use (in its current form) since the 12th century. Historically, it’s a royal symbol of power and strength. It’s also found in many family crests and family names as well, hence my interest in it. The position of the lion, its head, legs, paws and tail can have a variety of meanings. The Sacramento Kings chose the Lion Rampant facing to the right (Lion Rampant in Sinister), which is not very common—you almost always see them facing left which is called in Dexter.  The most common Lion Rampant Sinister I think is the Lion Combatant, where there are two Lion Rampants facing each other, one in Dexter and one in Sinister.

Anyway, Lion Rampant Sinister with Basketball Device is definitely a new twist on an old meme, and totally befitting a team of players who call themselves ‘The Kings.’”

Lion Rampant, Sinister and Dexter

Luis:  “As a Kings fan, I wholeheartedly approve of the logos. They’re modern, clean, and have an energy only too appropriate for a new arena—yet these graphics also pay homage to their roots with a twist on the old Cincinnati/Kansas City logos. It’s like a throwback and a rebranding all in one.”

Ashley: “I like the simplicity and colors of the design as well as the story behind the logo and the idea of transformation for Sacramento. The secondary logos with the lion and the crown also support but don’t detract from the main logo.”

Chad: “Overall, I felt pretty underwhelmed when the logos were debuted. With the new arena looking better every day, it’s interesting to see such a ‘throwback’ set of logos rise to the forefront of the franchise because so much energy has been focused on accelerating into the future. The logos, as a set, may be meant to allude to an illustrious history, but the franchise doesn’t have the same pedigree as most of the other teams in the league and the claim feels a bit too weak to justify (versus, for example, a pointed focus on future greatness).

My favorite logo is the blended lion-basketball logo, primarily for its symbolic significance and its ability to appeal to fans with more modern design sensibilities. Nothing quite says ‘Kings’ like the king of the beasts, and the fluid combination of visual elements plays well on the eyes. The heraldry-inspired crest is my second favorite, for similar reasons.”

Danielle: “Since @SlamsontheLion is the best mascot in the NBA, I like that the logos are including representations of the lion. With the new arena and change in leadership, I’m hoping the new Kings logos will exist as a much needed breath of fresh air to the organization.”

Slamson, the Sacramento Kings mascot

                                                                     Photo Credit: NBA.com

Lexi: “I certainly like the new logos more than the previous ones. Sacramento takes great pride in its ‘up-and-coming’ transformation, and the Kings’ rebranding has come out at the perfect time as everyone excitedly prepares for the new downtown arena. The logos do a good job of representing Sacramento’s identity by holding onto its roots while establishing a bold, modern influence. With all that said, does anyone else think the crown of downtown looks like a sinking ship?”

Lauren: “What I love about the new logos is that the organization paid homage to the team’s past and present, with a minimalist design that will guide the Kings’ brand into the future.  I am looking forward to seeing more of the five logos around town when the Golden 1 Arena opens in October!”

We want to hear what you think; are these new logos Awesome-Sauce Castillo or do they make you want to Boogie far away from them?

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