NEW top trends from KBIS/IBS 2020

Design & Construction Week brings the world’s top kitchen, bath and building brands together to showcase the latest products and technologies, and our trendspotters took to the show floor to bring you the hottest home product trends!


1. Elevated indoor + outdoor spaces – Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds

With outdoor living dominating today’s design trends, Kindred Outdoors & Surrounds by Boral is a new brand that’s lighting up infinite possibilities with bold, creative options to enhance projects with a timeless sense of style and endless amounts of warmth!  Kindred’s beautifully sculptured fire bowls make a statement in any outdoor living space, and its customizable outdoor kitchens elevate the al fresco cooking and entertaining experience to a whole new level. Moving indoors, Kindred’s easy-to-install fireplace surrounds pair with any stone or brick profile from one of many Boral brands — to add warmth and texture to any indoor or outdoor living space.  

2. Worry-Free Kitchen Indoor Gardens – Natufia

Natufia is taking farm-to-fork up a notch with kitchen-to-table! The Natufia Kitchen Garden combines technology and wellness as the world’s first fullyintegrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden. This kitchen garden automatically maintains the perfect light, temperature, water and pH level to ensure all minerals, nutrients and vitamins are maintained in the edible herbs and plants. And, since it is controlled indoors, you don’t need to worry about pesticides, weather or the seasons! That means year-round, 24/7, kitchen-to-table ingredients within arm’s reach – fresh from the kitchen garden. And you know the saying, “variety is the spice of life” and with more than 30 seed pods to choose from, you’ll never run out of healthful options!

3. Sleek and Modern Kitchens – Fotile

Fotile is an industry leader in ventilation hoods and the #1 choice among consumers in more than 30 countries. These vent-hoods are sleek AND modern! And more importantly, with its Smart Smoke Detection, your whole house doesn’t have to smell like last night’s dinner. This powerful hood absorbs smoke quietly and efficiently before it spreads—say goodbye to stinky or smokey kitchens! The innovation doesn’t stop there! Fotile introduced a 3-in1 sink dishwasher. Designed to save space and time, you can do just about everything from wash your hands, safely rinse produce and seafood, and once you’re done, it washes dishes too. A perfectly modern appliance for any compact space. 

4. Durably Designed Door Hardware – INOX

INOX is all about innovation and with their stunning new LaserArt by CeraMax, INOX combines two of their own industry-first creations to bring consumers a virtually limitless assortment of design options. The combination of a precise etching technique from INOX’s proprietary laser and the bold colors of CeraMax Rainbeaux results in a long-lasting hardware to customize any commercial or home project. Whether it’s an intricate family crest for your in-home wine cellar or a sports team logo for an arena, the new LaserArt by CeraMax combines durability with design for a unique take on door hardware. But they are way more than a just a “pretty face,” INOX makes serious decorative door hardware and innovative locks for residential homes as well as hotels, hospitals and more!  

5. Easy-To-Install Bathroom Kits– KOVA

There’s a new kit on the block: the KOVA Bath Kit. This kitted delivery system provides builders, contractors and specifiers with all materials needed for a bathroom installation on both commercial and residential projects. The entire bathroom is packaged as one unit and delivered directly to the job site. A full tub with surround structure. The vanity. The faucets. The mirrors, tile, flooring. It’s everything AND the bathroom sink. With the KOVA Bath Kit, one of the most time-consuming and costly parts of completing a project can now be completed by just two people in less than one day. We’ll let that soak in.  

Stay tuned for even more home and building products trends coming soon!

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