New Year, New Wins to Share

Everybody likes to win, but why is it so important for businesses to win awards? Aside from the bragging rights, awards help increase brand awareness and grow brand reputation. When reputable organizations select a brand’s product as award-worthy, the third-party credibility is priceless! This is why every year we research and submit our clients for multiple awards. Below are just a few of the highlights from our clients’ award-winning year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Eldorado Stone (a BORAL Brand): Grand Banks Limestone | GOOD DESIGN® Award
INOX: CeraMax Rainbeaux | Interior Design, Best of Year (Honoree)
Forza: Pro-Style Gas Range | Interior Design, Best of Year (Honoree)
Cultured Stone (a BORAL Brand): Carbon Cast-Fit | Architectural Products, Product Innovator Award



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