PITCHING MEDIA: Do Your Homework [and Major Pet Peeves]! Featuring Editor Carisha Swanson, House Beautiful

Merlot’s SpeedBriefings™ With…

We are turning the tables on the media! It’s time for PR pros to interview editors and reporters instead of just pitching them. Our aim is to understand how changes in technology and human behavior are affecting their business, and to determine what we (as public relations professionals) can do to better serve this evolving print/digital industry.

In this episode, we interview Carisha Swanson editor at House Beautiful. Carisha shares with us her number one tip for PR Pro’s and her major pet peeves! 

Check it out!


Is print dying? 1:39

How is pitching for digital different than print? 3:15

What is your lead time for print? 5:31

How has the relationship between editors and PR Pros changed? 8:10

How can PR Pros across the Nation build a solid working relationship with you? 9:58

What’s the best way to pitch you? 11:09

What is the best format for email pitches? 12:05

Do you like video pitches (VNRs)? 14:19

What are your PR pet peeves? 15:54

Are you cool with cross-pitching? 18:44

What should PR Pros always do? 19:53

What is your process for vetting pitches? 21:06

On average, how many items do you pitch to your Editor-in-Chief? 22:48

What’s one piece of advice for PR Pros? 24:11


SpeedBriefings with… Hosted by: Brenda Forman 

Guest: Carisha Swanson Market Director at House Beautiful https://www.housebeautiful.com/author…

Produced by: Merlot Marketing, Inc. https://merlotmarketing.com/

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