PR.0™ in Action!

Public relations has always been about communicating your story to the public. However, today’s consumer is more aware, more informed, more empowered and more cynical than ever before. Taking a traditional approach to public relations no longer works. Enter, PR.0™.

PR.0 is sharing your story utilizing today’s tools and technologies to create awareness, conversation, engagement and action. Whether it’s the use of video, graphics and social media, the integration of these tools empowers us to garner more meaningful impressions, build more authentic relationships with the media and engage more deeply with our target audience.

Check out this example of how PR.0 garnered additional impressions for our client, NanaWall Systems. Not only was the entire Social Media News Release (SMNR) featured as editorial and the product image was used for a two-page spread, the editors included the Video News Release we developed demonstrating the featured product, ClimaCLEAR.

This individual feature garnered more than 80,000 impressions.


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