PR: A great example of why it’s so important to “get it right!”

In college I had a professor that said “if you turn in a press release with a misspelled name, the wrong name, the wrong phone number, etc., just once, you will FAIL this course.  Three people failed.  He said this because we were provided a text book that included the correct spelling and information and he expected us to use it – to cross check and ensure the information was correct. It was a great lesson to learn because when it happens professionally, it can be a serious mistake and if not too serious, an embarrassing one to say the least.

In our business it’s absolutely vital that we  get an editor/reporter/producer’s name right when a news release or other information is sent to them.  Case in point, here is a 2.5 minute video of Ron Lopez, news director at Fox40 outing the CA State Fair’s PR group  with a reminder about how important it is to double check your labels before sending.

This tirade was tweeted by Fox last year:

“CHECK THIS OUT: FOX40’s Ron Lopez has an issue with a letter he received from the CA State Fair –

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