Solar Sheds Some Much Needed Light on the Economy

I just returned from Solar Power International, previously called Solar Power Conference and Expo, and let me tell you, there were no signs of a recession.  After attending the Pacific Coast Building Conference (PCBC) in July, the only signs I saw there were ones featuring the big ‘R’.   It was pretty somber.  Solar Power International on the other hand was energized!

The show started in 2004 with less than 1,100 attendees.  In just four years, the attendance is approaching 13,000.  With an industry growth rate of more than 40 percent per year, be it luck or incredible foresight, these companies are growing as fast, if not faster, than the industry as a whole.  Our clients enjoyed phenomenal success at the show and from a business perspective, it was nice to see some light at the end of this challenged economic tunnel.

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