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In a creative field that can also be busy with tasks, meetings and deadlines I sometimes find that I need a little jumpstart to my creative process.  So, I thought I would share a few of my tricks for anyone that may be starting their creative career.

Get Outside for Some Solitude

Sometimes the absolute best solution for a creative brain cramp is to get outdoors.  I have found that when I take some time alone for a walk in a beautiful park, by the water or even just through my neighborhood it opens up my mind to new ideas.  When I’m stuck on a project, I will let it rest for the evening and come back the next day after I’ve had a chance to get some fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, and simply enjoy the outdoors.

Dream Big

I find that when I limit my mind to creative ideas that are doable on a certain budget or within small parameters, my creativity can be squelched.  I start thinking that what I want to do is just not feasible, so why should I go there.  Wrong! Sometimes the best ideas are tailored down from something that may be a little over-the-top.  So, to spark your creativity, get crazy and think about what you would do for your client or brand if you had an endless budget.  Ask yourself, “What if there were no limits?” Then, if necessary (which I find most often is), rethink that idea just a little to fit your needs.

Set-up Your Surroundings

Sometimes creative inspiration can come from the simplest things.  If I’m having a day when I just can’t get motivated to write, put together that creative marketing plan or develop that new promotion I treat myself by upgrading my surroundings.  I’ve been known to go pick up some new, colorful pens or a beautiful new notebook.  I’ve brought in fresh flowers for my office just to add some life to my space and give me that extra jolt.

Jump on Pinterest

Okay, I know I’ve admitted before that I have a slight obsession with Pinterest and it’s still true.  There are simply endless ideas of things that you can cook, create and do found on that platform.  So, when I may be having a brief moment of creative boredom, I will jump on Pinterest for 15 minutes and just explore.  I’m not searching for things that relate to the project I’m working on necessarily; I’m just going there for a break and to expose myself to new ideas.  I’m sure many of you have done this, but if not you must start pinning!

I hope that you try these simple tips and that they help in your creative work.  I would also love to hear from you.  Do you have simple ways that you jump-start your creativity? If so, please share those with me here or on Twitter @Julie__Peterson.

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