SPEAK DIRECTLY TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCEAs marketers we have to decide, based on sound research, who our target audience is.  Who is the number-one consumer right now (this is constantly evolving) that would want to buy your product or service and has the means to do so? Who doesn’t know about your product or service but would die to have it and could become your biggest brand advocate?

When we make bold moves and speak directly to our target audience (think Carl’s Jr. Jim Beam Bourbon burger) our marketing messages aren’t watered down—they’re extremely meaningful.

I recently came across a video series on Yahoo!, entitled, “Reluctantly Healthy” that reminded me of this precise marketing truth.  While I love to learn new things about how to be healthier and live my best life, it can sometimes be overwhelming.  The LAST thing I want to watch is some incredibly tanned, uber buff man or woman (think body builder) preach to me about working out four times each day or never eating dessert.

In the video series, “Reluctantly Healthy” each week comedy actress Judy Greer shares special tips and advice on how to stay healthy while on-the go, working long hours, and traveling away from home.  Her series is fun, answers many questions I often have and is light hearted.  It works!

If you’re anything like me, I invite you to check out Greer’s video series and think about how this marketing content is accurately targeted at the on-the-go woman: http://yhoo.it/15nWPaJ.

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