Social Media: Your New Customer Service Hotline

Published on October 24, 2013

In today’s marketplace brands are spending an unprecedented amount of time and money engaging consumers to attract new customers and generate new business. Engagement has become a critical pillar in modern marketing. In our young age of digital communication, a lot has been done to blur the lines between communications disciplines. Public relations, advertising, marketing, customer service, and sales are now each affected by the public’s growing use of social media to engage and talk about brands on their own terms.

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Customer Service on Facebook

Published on March 22, 2013

People have begun to move away from traditional forms of customer service communication. Instead of…

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How Old-Fashioned Customer Service Creates Brand Fanatics

Published on March 8, 2012

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “The Customer is Always Right” but, how important is customer service today? My experience is that a few brands are doing a fantastic job and the rest leave much to be desired. Take a step back and think about your brand experience – what can you do to create brand fanatics for your organization?

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Personal touch yields better service

Published on August 10, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010 Social media allows businesses to create a customer connection Sacramento Business…

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Customers Fight Back

Published on October 13, 2008

In the old days, when you received poor customer service, you could do one of…

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