Teichert’s 135th Anniversary Logo

It’s not often that you see a business that has thrived as long as Teichert. The Northern California based construction company has grown to be one of California’s most respected names and boasts generations of families working for the company. Merlot is proud to have collaborated with Teichert on a logo for their 135th year in business.

Here is a look at their 135th Anniversary logo!

Teichert’s current logo sits above the company name. We added lines to emphasize, center and call attention to the company’s celebration of 135 years in business in a bold way. Although not a completely symmetrical logo, the font helps the eye easily read across and interpret the meaning. The enlarged font and orientation adds visual and textural interest, making this logo simple, yet very impactful.

Read more about Teichert here

About Teichert

We are a construction company operating in California since 1887. Over the years, Teichert has grown into a diverse mix of businesses, most notably Teichert Construction and Teichert Materials. With our commitment to our family of employees, high quality of work, strong customer satisfaction, and giving back to the community, Teichert will continue to flourish in the 21st century and beyond.

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