The Best Barbie Movie Brand Collaborations

Newsflash– it’s a Barbie world and we’re just living in it. That’s right, the “Barbie” movie – starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – has officially stepped off of the shelf and into the box office.

With an estimated $150 million marketing budget and a bit of plastic (it’s fantastic!), parent company Mattel’s marketing department has been working in overdrive to create an inescapable, hot pink marketing frenzy– launching over 100 product marketing brand collaborations!

From Barbie Land Berry Pink frozen yogurt to Barbie DreamHouse scented candles, brands across nearly every vertical possible have hopped on the Barbie bandwagon to sell their products and services. Meaning that whether you’re trying to figure out tonight’s dinner plans, redecorating your home, need a wardrobe refresh, or even a place to stay for your next family vacation, you can likely do so in Barbie pink!

In fact, you might even feel a bit of decision fatigue shopping through all of the options on the market. 

Thankfully, our team has narrowed down a list of our favorite Barbie brand collaborations– proving that there truly is a bit of Barbie Girl within us all!


HGTV’s Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge


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Launched on July 16th, this four-part series features eight teams of HGTV stars as they compete to design and transform a home in Southern California into a real-life Barbie DreamHouse! The winning team will have a donation to charity made in their honor AND one lucky Barbie fan will win a stay in the completed Dreamhome!

+ It looks like HGTV is sporting a fresh new Instagram profile picture– in Barbie pink of course! 


Barbie: The Movie X Impala Skate


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#GetTheLook – Just like Barbie and Ken, you too can skate in style with a pair of official “Barbie: The Movie” roller skates! It is safe to say we’re #obsessed. 🛼




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Thanks to Joybird, anyone can transform their home into an actual Barbie DreamHouse! The brand collaboration features nine limited-edition furniture pieces adorned with adventurous colors and textures, lux marble surfaces, gold accents, and chic curved lines + five Dreamhouse-exclusive fabric options. Hot pink sofa? #YesPlease ✨


Barbie X Xbox


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In true Barbie style, Microsoft/Xbox is using its brand collaboration to inspire the next generation of women in STEM! Rather than pushing product sales, Microsoft is using social media to share Reels that highlight “Real-Life Game Professionals” who share their fond memories of Barbie and why STEM is important.

+ Fashion-forward gamers have a chance to win a custom pink Xbox Series S gaming console that has been built into an actual Barbie DreamHouse! 


Barbie X Ruggable


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The Barbie X Ruggable collection features bold, joyful rug and doormat designs, inspiring people to let their style shine bright! #DreamHouse Approved ✓


Barbie X Burger King Brazil


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Still figuring out what you’re having for dinner tonight? We present you the Burger King Barbie Combo meal that launched in Brazil! The Barbie-themed meal features a cheeseburger topped with bacon bits and a bright pink sauce, a pink vanilla milkshake mixed with strawberry Nesquik powder, and a pink frosted donut! #Yum? 🍔


Barbie X Fossil


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The Fossil X Barbie collaboration features the Barbie floral print, the iconic shade of pink, and gold accents, and just might be the most perfect, “Grown-Up” approved take on Barbie’s style! This limited-edition line of accessories includes a watch ring, leather handbags, necklaces, and earrings. #TresChic 👛


Barbie X Airbnb


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Come on Barbie, let’s go party (in the real-life Malibu DreamHouse)! Perhaps the largest marketing stunt of them all, a listing on Airbnb is offering guests a stay in a real-life Malibu Barbie DreamHouse– pink exterior, panoramic beach views, infinity pool, and outdoor dance floor included! #Iconic ☀️


Barbie X Homesick


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Thanks to Homesick, we can all get a whiff of the iconic Malibu Barbie DreamHouse!  Apparently, the signature scent has notes of sweet peony, lemon zest, pink jasmine, sandalwood, and plush velvet. We’ll take three, please! 🕯️


Barbie X Google

While it’s not an official brand collaboration, we’re big fans of Google’s Barbie hommage. When searching “Barbie,” “Barbie the Movie,” “Margot Robbie,” “Ryan Gosling,” or “Greta Gerwig” via Google a surprise flash of pink sparkles pops up on the Google search results page! ✨


Now that you’re feeling inspired by the Barbie social media frenzy, check out our post on upcoming holidays to make your brand’s social strategy stand out! 

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